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Tired of seeing silver, gold, and platinum sponsors packages where the only measurable ROI is awareness? We know how you feel. If you’re looking for leads, clients, customers, speaking opportunities, strategic repositioning, or your looking to elevate your brand through association, our assets and properties can help you achieve your sponsor objectives. 

Pre-workshop, in workshop, and post workshop Expand Your Vision (EYV) workshops help brand managers and small businesses maxamize their sponsorship spends.

Below you’ll find a list of EYV sponsor assets and available inventory. We limit each unique opportunity to one sponsor unless indicated. You can partner with us as an exhibitor or sponsor. Click on the plus signs to learn more about the benefits and wait there’s more. In the fine print, there are additional benefits that are given to our partners.


As the registration sponsor, your company receives the first brand interaction and engagement with EYV antendees. Registration sponsors receive:

• Two tables (6′ x 29.50″) with fitted table cloth
• Verbal greeting by brand ambassadors* *
• Two table top signages (6″ x 12″)
• Naming rights on all guest name badges
• Verbal recognition by moderator
• One complimentry pass
• Plus addtional bennefits

*Does not include brand ambassadors add

Available Inventory: One
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The registration sponsor is limited to one additional brand buy in and can not become an exhibitor.

Seat Drop

As the seat drop sponsor, your collateral materials are directly in the hands of your targeted customer. Before EYV attendees sit, they have to pick up and read your collateral materials. Seat drop sponsors receive.

• 50 seats to place collateral materials
• Introduction by moderator 2 minutes of stage
• One complimentry pass
• Plus addtional bennefits

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Available Inventory: One

The seat drop sponsor is limited to one additional brand buy in and can not become an exhibitor.


As the panel sponsor, your company is on center stage during the entire panel discussion.

• Two 34″ x 81″ single-sided roll ups
• Moderator reads company bio
• Plus addtional bennefits
• One complimentry pass
• Guanranteed pannel spot

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Available inventory: One


As the beverage sponsor, you are the go-to destination when attendees need to hydrate during a 4 hour workshop. The beverage station sponsor receives. 

• One table (72.00″ x 29.50″) with fitted table
• 100 branded water bottles
• Two table top signages (6″ x 12″)
• Three branded menu cards
• One complimentry pass
• Plus addtional bennefits

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Available Inventory: One

The beverage sponsor is limited to one additional brand buy in and can not become an exhibitor.

Breakout Session

As a breakout session sponsor, all eyes are on you. You're on center stage with our moderator and answering questions from our attendees. Breakout session sponsor recieves.

• Moderator reads company or individuals bio
• Twenty minutes of stage time with moderator
   (ten minutes on topic ten minute Q & A)
• Two-minute sizzle video*
• One exhibitor’s table**
• One complimentary pass
• Plus additional benefits

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Available inventory: Three

*B roll footage, session highlights, and guest interactions

* * Exhibitor spaces give you a dedicated area specifically for you to meet your customers in person without other distracting events.

Breakout sessions sponsor are limited to one additional brand buy-in.

Non Profit

As a nonprofit sponsor, your organization receives. 

• 10 minutes of stage time to introduce your
• 70% of all monies raised during stage time
• 5% of our accumulative sponsorship spends
• One complimentary pass
• Plus addtional bennefits

Available Inventory: One

In Kind

We encourage and recognize in-kind services and products of all kinds, including and not limited to; intellectual services, food and beverage products, consumer goods, health and beauty products and services, SIGs,  product giveaways, and gift certificates. In kind sponsors recieve.

In kind sponsors receive all additional benefits excluding exhibitor table, registration list, and baked in direct response.

The Fine Print

Addtional Bennefits

All sponsors and exbitors will receive:

• Pannelist speaking oppertunity
• Exhibitor table (31″ x 47″)
• EYV registaion list with data profile*
• Logo placement on EYV sponsor page
• Company hashtag on all social media posts
• Company logo displayed on logo loop  (In
• Baked in direct reposne: We work with you to
customize a call to action with your activation.
• 5% of your proceeds will go to Expand Your Visions nonprofit sponsor 

*Workshop sponsors or exhibitors that communicate with EYV registrants by e-mail,  are obligated to provide each EYV registrants with an opportunity to opt-out from future e-mails in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

First Time Sponsors

If this is your first time sponsoring an event and all the verbiage is foreign, we have an amazing team ready to walk you through your first sponsorship. We’ll help you maximize your hard-earned dollars. Don’t worry we got you.

Pricing Breakdown

What’s the deal with the crazy pricing?

We have two pricing tiers: pre announcement and post announcement.  Pre announcement pricing reflects EYV assets and , independent of our speakers. Post announcement pricing reflects EYV’s reach across our channels and the reach of our speakers across their channels and platforms.

As we make announcements with our speakers the event equity increases. Our pre-event engagement increases across all channels. Our registration numbers increase. The number of impressions for our content increases. Which elevates the value of each asset. 

In short, if you lock in your sponsorship pre announcement you maximize your sponsorship dollars. 

Our booking strategy is simple. We book talent that moves the needle. From industry experts, C-level executives, Tedx talent, blue check social media influencers, Fortune 500 executives, and ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

In short, our crazy pricing allows you to maximize your sponsorship dollars and lock in pricing before the value of our assets increase.

Payment Terms & Cancelation

If you are purchasing during pre announcement and your approved payment is due within 7 days of announcement day.

Example if you request a demo to become a breakout session sponsor On February 4th and are approved. If speaker announcements are on March 1st. You have until March 8th to have your money in to secure your sponsorship.

If you purchase after we announce our speakers all monies are due within 7 days of the sponsorship approval.
Refunds will not be given for no-shows after the event. Cancelations are accepted 30 days before the event date. Cancelations will be refunded their entire amount minus administration fee’s 20% of buy in.

Workshop Data

How many people attend? What role do they have? How much do EYV attendes make? Find all that and more in our sponsor kit

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