Sponsored by F TO F

On December 7th in Boston, Dec 14th in NYC BWTV is hosting a three hour workshop, titled expand your vision 2020.
The workshop is sponsored by the career advice podcast F TO F and is designed to help you get a jump start on identifying, creating, and executing your New Year’s Resolutions.
We need you to invest three hours of your time. In those three hours we’re going to help you develop the discipline to defeat the little voice inside of you that stops you from seeing your new year’s resolutions
● Dieting and exercising
● Career changes and transitions
● Toxic friendships and relationships
● Breaking bad habits
How is a three hour workshop going to defeat the voice that speaks to us all regardless of your color, age, weight, or financial situation
● It starts with a community of people assembling together on one accord with one collective mission to defeat the voice that stops us from living our best
● We’ve assembled a panel that has gone through the trials and tribulations with dieting, exercising, career moves, toxic friendships, toxic relationships, and those bad habits that we no we need to stop
● We have put together a fun and exciting workshop that will help you attack the areas in your life and career that you want to see development in
● Your three hours ends with a cocktail hour where you’ll get to connect with like minded individuals that have the same goals for 2020 and you’ll meet and greet all of the panelist
Before you register we want to leave you with some data to inspire you to invest three hours of your time so that your 2020 is better than your 2019
● Studies have shown that less than 25% of ​people actually​ stay committed to ​their resolutions after just 30 days and only 8% accomplish them
The expand your vision 2020 three hour workshop together so that you could be a part of the 8% of people that complete their new year’s resolutions.

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