We Work While You Retreat

Expand Your Vision 2020 (EYV) is a woman’s accelerator workshop that delivers actionable items that help women solve challenges in their career, health, and life.

Each year we welcome a cohort of women representing a range of backgrounds and across a multitude of industries .


No Work Workshops

We have children, friends, family, colleagues, direct reports, and clients all needing us for something. At EYV workshops, you can retreat from it all, hit the mental reset button, and get actionable items to solve any of the challenges on your plate.

When you attend EYV, you can retreat from it all and connect with single women, divorced women, married women, women in domestic partnerships, and women that have to fight the same battles that you do. 


What Do you Get From EYV Workshops?

Actionable Intelligence

Have you ever attended a workshop and had an amazing experience only to have a person, place, or situation steal your joy, motivation, and momentum?  Have you said to yourself, “I could have spent the registration money on a relaxing self pampering day”? AT EYV you walk away with actionable items that are rooted in strategic guidance.


Ask for a raise or not? Keto diet or Atkins? Restructure the business or shut it down? Divorce or not? Break up or stay together? Should they be allowed on Instagram or not? The decisions we have to make as women aren’t simple. At EYV you get confirmation that will help you make crucial decisions in your life.


When was the last time that you had a revelation that pushed your career, health, or life to the next level?  At EYV, our experts have an assignment and it’s to make sure that each attendee walks aways with a new revelation in some area of their life.


We all have our network of friends and girlfriends. But let’s be honest, there are some things that are personal that we just don’t share with our friends, family, and even our parents. Everyone that attends EYV is facing a challenge in some area of their life, that includes our panelist, experts, and moderator.  Our panelists and moderators are going through something, no woman is perfect. At EYV we come together in one accord to push each other, to motivate each other, and to love one another.